The main purpose of our human resources policy is to create a common corporate culture by selecting the human resources suitable for the corporate structure of the company and carrying out the necessary training, development and training activities.

In line with this goal, in human resources management, in order to recruit qualified human resources that will enable the company's activities to be carried out in the most efficient way and to ensure the continuation of success; It is aimed to ensure the motivation of the employees, to continuously improve the financial and social rights of the employees, to create a fair and professional working environment, to determine the training needs of the employees and to provide the necessary support to meet them.

The basic principles of our human resources policy:

  • To establish and implement the system for determining, selecting and hiring the human resources that will enable our company to carry out its activities effectively and efficiently.
  • To identify, implement and evaluate the results for the benefit of the company, aiming to provide our employees with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary to keep them up to date with all kinds of developments and changes in the nature of their job, to increase their job satisfaction, and to enable them to be more successful in the business environment.
  • To develop a performance management system that will allow our employees to see the results and outputs of their own work and to evaluate the results of their individual success.
  • To create and implement a career management system that ensures the continuous development of our employees within the organization, prepares themselves for responsibilities above their current position, and is willing to take responsibility, in the most effective way.
  • Ensuring the formation of corporate culture and awareness by meeting the social and cultural needs of the personnel
  • To create an understanding of sustainability in employees in order to meet today's needs in a way that does not reduce the resources of future generations. To spread the awareness that will determine the targets by evaluating their environmental and socio-economic dimensions in order to create value in the long term, instead of focusing only on short-term solutions while planning their strategies.
  • To develop systems that will encourage success and creativity by providing working conditions suitable for the quality of the service provided. In this context, by making use of the creativity of all our stakeholders, by transforming them into new products, services, processes, systems and social interactions, to produce ideas that will provide innovation and add value to the organization, employees and other stakeholders, activating the potential of doing and being useful in human beings, thinking and questioning every job they do. To enable them to do their work, to make their knowledge and experience available for the benefit of the company and employees, to motivate creative ideas through recognition and appreciation, to increase the participation of all employees in company activities with their creative and innovative self-thoughts, and to ensure that creative ideas are put into practice in the most effective way.
  • Focusing on ensuring occupational health and safety in our activities and protecting our natural environment, respecting people and the environment, developing systems to prevent occupational accidents, increasing cooperation with neighboring facilities, competent authorities and local governments in order to increase health safety-environment performance, occupational health and safety in our projects to prioritize the environmental factor, to be structured in a way that can respond to emergencies, to be transparent to our stakeholders in our practices.

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